Taylor Winn


Artist Bio

Born in Austin, Texas, Taylor Winn focused on art at an early age. After selling his first painting at age 17, he went on to earn his BA from the University of Texas at Austin. Inspired by the physical approach of Post-War Abstract Expressionist painters such as Jackson Pollock, Taylor’s gestural and large-scale works create abstract environments of color that can span over 15 feet in length. His interest in Modernism, including both architecture and painting, are reflected in his creative process. Taylor’s paintings harken back to the Post-War era of the 50s and the heyday of Abstract Expressionism but still speak to the future of the genre. Taylor has garnished national attention and has received numerous awards. His paintings can be found in various private collections.

Artist Statement

“Color, process and materials define my art. My colors are rooted in nature, personal history and modern culture and amplified by cracking, bubbling, pigment separation and oil slicks on the surface of my work. My approach to painting comes from a natural inclination to experiment with materials and to find new ways of using paint to coerce color into visually interesting forms. I like the idea of viewers connecting to the work by visualizing the action involved in each production. I work solely by hand, applying several layers of paint from above and around all sides of a painting. My intuition about how paint behaves relies upon repeated experimentation with paint body composition, pigment, sheen and viscosity. Unique delivery of beautiful color is my goal. Beyond function or interpretation, I want viewers to see the color dynamics and raw materials within each of my works – seeing the whole for the larger, gestural action and up close for the smaller, chemical action occurring within the materials.”

Taylor Winn.