Anton Pavlenko


Artist Bio

Anton Pavlenko was born in Ukraine in 1984 and has always felt artistically inclined since childhood. As a teenager, he took up oils and taught himself to paint by reproducing works of the old masters he admired.

Though Pavlenko was serious about his painting, he only considered becoming a full-time artist after a seven-year pursuit of a ‘real’ occupation after high school.

Shortly after marrying the love of his life, Anna, the artist within him emerged once again. Today Pavlenko lives in Portland, Oregon and am inspired by the beautiful landscapes he sees all throughout the world.

Pavlenko says of his work, "When approaching a painting, I always strive to work from a state of flow; where every stroke is swift and effortless. This usually happens when I’m genuinely captivated by a scene and give a quick and intuitive response. For this reason, I work from direct observation and prefer to paint alone where I'm left with my thoughts, my paints and the landscape before me."