Michael Orwick


Artist Bio

Michael Orwick is a painter who is profoundly impacted by Nature and landscape. He has always been inspired by the ability of the landscape to tell a story. And through this love of nature, Orwick developed his signature style of “Inspired Expressionism.”

Orwick is a master of creating mood through atmosphere and color, utilizing space, a sense of place, and time of day. His artwork hints at a story and invites the viewer to provide the narrative. Orwick’s paintings provide the opportunity to explore a special place that lingers in memory and imagination.

At a very early it was discovered that Orwick had dyslexia, and that he saw things differently from most. School was difficult, but in hindsight this was one of many blessings that have led and helped shape his artful existence.

He was lucky to grow up surrounded by beautiful creeks and evergreen wilderness, and within a family that loved to travel, encouraged curiosity and stressed following one's heart. His heart has always told him to create.

He started college at the University of Oregon, and surprisingly, majored in business. Two years in and losing motivation, he took off for Australia where he filled up sketchpads with drawings and small paintings. The thought of returning to business classes never crossed his mind again.

He and his new wife, Gaby moved to Portland, Oregon where he majored in illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art.  Orwick discovered that oil painting and the method of working from dark to light worked well for him.

Today, Gaby and his daughter, a creative, inquisitive eight year-old, kept him in touch with his perpetual inner child.  Throughout his life, Orwick has known beauty, comfort, laughter and joy.  These are a few of the things he hopes to impart through his brushes.