James McCue

Artist Bio

James McCue is a Woodland artist living and working in the Semiahmoo Bay area of British Columbia. His work reflects the natural wonder of BC – he’s lived on BC’s Sunshine Coast, the Kootenays, and Whistler. These places, and especially their wildlife, continue to have a great influence on his work.

McCue’s art blends powerful colors and imagery. It’s an amalgamation of human culture and primal force, a melting pot that connects to an ancient place inside each of us.

McCue apprenticed for ten years under Norval Morrisseau, the Grandfather of Woodland Art.  “Norval and I would talk and agree that Woodland Art was evolving,” McCue says. “It’s becoming something larger that its beginnings as a native art form. It’s growing into something universal, something transcendent and at the same time reflective of what it is to be human.”

“Norval was passionate about this,” McCue continues, “and about the concept of color therapy. Universal themes, universal language, universal learning, and maybe most importantly, universal understanding and healing.”

McCue believes art can heal. “It can educate and open us to new possibilities. Art inspires us to think and to feel, and from these flow understanding. When we come to new understandings, we are open to heal. This is the evolution of Woodland Art.”