Miroslav Lovric


Artist Bio

Miroslav Lovric paintings are inspired by the complexity of flowers coming to life after sleeping through the winter, not just surviving, but thriving after the harsh winter.

His intricate combination of images from memory comes not only from his observations in his garden, but also from a lifetime of images that move him to paint. His works are a series of 'drawings' creating a layered world of his own design through his own musings.

Lovric began with mixed media 'drawings' and has since added mixed media paintings.

“My trees, flowers and bushes that I paint live by the river, ocean, in the park, garden and meadows. When I paint them, I think of people. What I want is to find their spirit, as well as the spirit of places where they exist. I fill them with sunshine, using bright colors, and shaping them with thicker black lines to make them more present."

- Miroslav Lovric