Joe Dietl

Artist Statement

As I began making work I was introduced to plein air painting and was instantly captivated with its need to adjust to the ever-changing light as it affected the environment. The confidence and immediacy needed for this type of painting has completely informed my process.

My paintings begin with my creating a loose framework— freely applying dripping paint which i use as a rough guide. Primarily using a palette knife to apply the pigment to the canvas with an intentionally directive stroke allows me to create space and dimension without detailed rendering. This deliberate application liberates me to use saturated and hyper-real color that is not typically seen in landscape paintings.

My color choices may seem exaggerated but are reflected in our daily landscape as sunlight and shadows move across the valley throughout the day. I combine multiple times of day into a painting that although “unnatural”, organically works. I am recording the environment and amplifying it to a Hi Def visual experience.

My influences include Lee Mullican, Marsden Hartley, Mark Bradford and David Hockney.

Joe grew up in Orange County and moved to New York City in his twenties to pursue an acting career. That career ultimately took him to Los Angeles where he worked as an actor. At the same time he returned to California’s bright and sunny climate, he joined the family business, working as an artist.