Jeni Lee

Artist Bio 

Jeni Lee has worked as a professional artist for over 15 years, creating emotive abstract landscapes and mixed media paintings.

With nature’s environment as the foundation of her work, she has lived and traveled in the some of the most diverse landscapes of the West. From a childhood spent in the coastal California countryside, to Idaho’s river valleys, to finding her home among the forests of the Northwest and attending artist residencies in New Mexico, Kauai, Oregon’s high desert and at the Vermont Studio Center.

After receiving her degree in Painting and Printmaking from Portland State University, she began exhibiting her work at galleries and venues throughout the Northwest, including healthcare and hospitality venues.

Jeni Lee resides in Portland, Oregon and works daily out of her colorful art studio where she continues to partner with art consultants, designers and galleries to place her work locally and beyond.

She currently shows her work with Brian Marki Fine Art in Portland, Oregon and Palm Springs, California, as well as in shops and galleries locally and along the Oregon coast.

About The Art 
“My work captures the ways in which we experience nature and our surroundings, the sea, the forest, and the desert, paths both taken and dreamed.

With many paint glazes and color washes, I continually layer and work the surface, always pursuing the unexpected adventure in both materials and methods.  As a painting emerges, I include elements that draw the viewer closer, such as writings, shapes that echo nature’s souvenirs and shadows, and patterns created by raindrops.

This process invites both intention and chance, resulting in an engaging representation of the transformation within beauty and chaos.”